Working title: Yellow Triptych Begun 2004, completed 2007

Acrylic on paper

Dimensions each section: 63"x 28.5"


Working title: "Vertical Set"

Acrylic and Metallic Acrylic paint on fiberboard

total dimensions: 82" x 35.25"

Working title: "Yellow Pattern" (Installation view)

begun 2004, completed 2007

Working title: "Yellow Pattern"

Acrylic on Paper

dimensions: "63" x 28.5"

Working title: "Horizontal gray, with rings"

These this painting and the three following it were done simultaneously. All are acarylic and metallic acrylic paint on medium density fiberboard with brass rings, 24" x 35.25, 2007.





    "Correspondence," created for Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art Auction, 2006 Untitled mural in Hollo home, painted in 1999 Untitled, oil on canvas, 1999 "Pas de Deux," oil on canvas, 4'x5', 1999 "Functional Analysis" acrylic with collage elements attached to canvas, 2006 "Screen," oil on canvas, 4'x4', 1999 Untitled, acrylic with collage elements attached to heavy paper, 2006